About Us

Smooth Sole's by Jungle Foot opened in 2020 as an All natural Foot Care line, Providing amazing Foot Polishes and Sole Shine to achieve and help maintain proper foot care and hygiene. Over the years and products later, Smooth Sole's has a range of personal care products from Hand poured soy wax candles in multiple sizes, Hand crafted drinkable glass art & hair care. Creating everything with LOVE and a purpose to service anyone these amazing products come across.

While working as a caregiver for adults with special needs I would take my members to the podiatrist, it's also where I first saw the vision for my products and how I could service my clients. With covid-19 soon to be affecting their regular podiatrist appointments, I found a way to help maintain their foot care using top quality all natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives .

At the beginning of 2023 I decided to add Hand poured soy wax candles to the brand. In March of 2023 I survived an abduction attempt that changed my life FOREVER as well as my look on candles for months!! As I was learning this "New Me" & healing I began working with wine glasses and decorating them as a temporary substitute for the candle making & to help keep my creativity juices flowing. In less than a year, and making incredible progress with the help from therapy & intense counseling sessions, I regained the confidence to get Smooth Sole's by Jungle Foot back up and operating, covering you from your head to toes & your home soulfully lit with amazing scents.

My mission statement is simple "Be a Positive Light & Influence to anyone while spreading Love & kindness to EVERYONE