Smooth Soles by Jungle Foot

All natural Foot Care & Lovingly hand poured soy wax candles

  • My mission statement is simple "Be a Positive Light & Influence to Anyone, while spreading Love & kindness to EVERYONE💛"

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  • The Guardian

    The Guardian

    Made with Love & the good energies from the stones it carries, The Guardian is no friend of NEGATIVITY. With Obsidian, Tigers eye & Amethyst, the powerhouse of Positivity this combo of stones generates is one that will have those unwanted energies RUNNING.

  • Dream Walker

    Dream Walker

    Staurolite, Prehnite & Amethyst are the stones unified in Dream Walker. With the relaxing & protective properties these gems hold, this beautiful group of energized stones emit the amazing relaxed & protectiveness for good night sleep or day's sleep (depending on your schedule) always made with love.

  • Plentitude


    Honey Calcite, Lapis Lazuli & citrine are the gems that bless this candle of Abundance. With their energies of AMAZINNESS & all things positive, these stones can release the energy & abundance of all things you're WORKING towards, with the want to spread Love to others in the process.

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Lapis Lazuli, Citrine & Orange calcite are the beautiful stone combination in Imagin-Tivity, my vision of a Creativity and Imagination opener. As an artist & understanding the creativity blocks we can run across, having the energy from these amazing stone to remove the blocks felt very necessary. For artist, creators, imaginators, visionaries, ANYONE that uses their Imagination or creativity... This candles for you


  • U.G.L.Y


    U.G.L.Y. is our self care candle & is also an acronym for
    "U. Gotta. Love. You." It's my cousin Deondrae Johnson's brand that he's had for years promoting Self care & Love. When creating a self care candle myself, U.G.L.Y was a perfect fit for my vision & with my cousins blessing, the U.G.L.Y candle was born. Made with love and the beautiful combination of stones using Red Agate, White Calcite & Lapis Lazuli, these gems sit well for Self care & Love.

  • Good Vibes Only

    Good Vibes Only

    Orange Calcite, White Calcite & citrine is the combo of stones that fits amazingly with this candle's name. Made with Love and the gems it carries, this candle speaks for itself & is full of GOOD VIBES ONLY

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